This past week my 18-month-old daughter has been teething. Sleep – what is that? Ok that might be a little over exaggerated but seriously – its been tiring.

She has been crying much more and just wanting to be cuddled. All of my children have been through these stages – you would think by now I would be mentally prepared but no – it crept up on me again and at first I found myself getting easily annoyed. I mean I adore her and love the cuddles but days of sitting her on my hip and crying at night started to get the better of me. My husband can testify 🙁

After a couple of days, I began feeling unproductive and the ‘to do list’ in my head began to grow along with the washing and housework. I kept trying to remind myself that these things will always be here to do but this season of teething with my daughter will not…

“So why not just embrace it – accept it – enjoy it!

It also helps to have a close friend & husband who texts and tells me to just go with it. 🙂

Sometimes this is easier said then done – it can feel overwhelming at times.  But I am trying to remind myself that it’s ok to put my ‘to do list’ on hold. 🙂  I may not be productive in my so called ‘to do list’ but I am being productive in caring for my child when she really needs it and hopefully her love tank will be full. My love tank  also became full from all the extra cuddles 🙂

Encouragement of the week:

If you are having a challenging week – know that it will not last and that you can do this! Ask for extra grace from those around you & give yourself a bit of time out (if you can). You’ll be on top of things in no time. Enjoy this weekend!!

I’ll be catching up on sleep haha

Love Melly x