I don’t know about you but we seem to have accumulated a lot of things over the years since we had children. (Excess toys, clothes etc) part of this is from my little hobby of buying and selling online. I somehow manage to pick up great bargains 🙂 We are blessed that’s for sure. I am so grateful for all we have but I never want it to distract me from what God requires of me.

God has been speaking to me more about ridding the clutter in my life so I can be more focused on the tasks he is wanting me to do. So I thought what better way to declutter than to have a spring clean!!

I don’t often get the chance to do a thorough clean without any interruptions, so I asked my husband if he could take one days holiday leave so I could knuckle down and go through a few rooms and de clutter while he took care of the kids. He willingly obliged!

Ever since my husband and I have been married we have had a few small rules regarding this topic.

1. If we buy a new item of clothing – we must give one away
2. If we haven’t used something for 6 -12 months – we must not need it and to either sell or give it away.

We have stuck to this quite well but recently we have been so busy with the kids that we haven’t had the chance to go through everything. So this week I was able to and even though there is still more to do – it felt so good!!!!!! I was able to get rid of a lot of extra things that we don’t need or that take up space and create clutter.

There are people less fortunate then us and these extra items could help someone more then we will ever know.

This spring clean will help us in so many ways.

– less cleaning and tidying up
– open spaces to help creativity flow
– simple living & more time to spend on the important things

The thing is… material things are only temporary but the relationships we build will last.
My new little motto:

“Hold relationships closely and possessions lightly”

Encouragement of the week:

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with mess – you could always try a spring clean. Even if it is one drawer per day (which is what I will be doing for a while to finish it off).

Have the best weekend! Love Melly x