I had a very messy bedroom growing up. I recall my mum saying over and over again “Melissa please clean your room”. 🙂 As I grew older and got married I somehow turned into a bit of a clean freak – you could almost say I was on the verge of OCD. I always had to have everything perfect – all the time.

Since having children I have had to learn to find a balance with this as trying to keep a perfectly clean house with children in the picture was very unrealistic and extremely tiring.

I would clean the floors & within minutes they were dirty again. I have realised over these past few months from talking to other mums with older children that I have been to hard on myself and that SOMETIMES… THE WASHING CAN WAIT!!!!

I always chose cleaning over sleeping and sometimes even over playing with my small children, chatting with my husband or spending time with God.  Now please hear me I am not saying that cleaning is bad or that I am going on strike, (I love order too much & I don’t think my husband would be very pleased – wink wink). I will continue cleaning my house and keeping it in order as I do believe this is good for everyone in the home, however I am learning to find a good balance whereby if one day I am really tired from being up most of the night with my newborn that I do take a nap during the day. Or if I feel like sitting on the couch cuddling my newborn then I should enjoy this precious moment without feeling guilty because the house isn’t clean enough! 

One of my sisters suggested to me to just clean quickly (as it usually takes me ages) so I can still take a cat nap! Wise words!!! I am definitely learning the art of rest. My house may not be spotless and perfect from only doing quicker cleans but I guess I won’t be as tired and grumpy and I will have more time to spend with my precious family.

Encouragement of the week:

If you need a nap & can – take one!!! Your family will thank you!! 🙂

Have the best weekend!!

Love Melly x