Once a week I like to have at least one day at home for me to enjoy time with my son and allow us both some downtime after being out and about on other days. I love these days and call them Homemaker Monday’s. I try and plan to spend as much one on one time with Elijah as I can however sometimes I run out of ideas and its easy to become bored with doing the same stuff, (I am constantly googling for ideas).

I also like to bake or cook on these days as Tuesday and Wednesday’s, I work and so I like to prepare as much food as I can so it’s less stressful during the week and so that we will still eat well. I used to put on a dvd or ABC for kids for Elijah while doing this or during his midday nap however the last few weeks I had the idea to include him in some of the preparations. Our first attempt of making muffins together was so much fun and Elijah really enjoyed helping pour the flour into the mixing bowl and stirring the ingredients.  I also enjoyed this valuable time with him and although it was incredibly messy and more for me to clean up – I began to think that I should do this more often.

So this week we made a homemade hummus dip, a recipe I came across at a local fruit and vegetable shop. (Please see recipe below) I sat Elijah in his booster seat in front of me and began explaining what ingredients I used along the way while letting him eat a couple of the chickpeas. I thought he might get bored, however this was not the case – he sat very happily watching and I thought to myself…

‘It really is the little things that matter in life for bonding with my son and I am going to make more of an effort to include him in as much as I am doing even if it seems boring to me.’

After making this quick and easy recipe (which was much cleaner and quicker than making the muffins) we both sat down and enjoyed eating carrot and cucumber sticks with the dip. Elijah with it smothered all over his face continued to say “more please” and soon enough the dip was almost all gone.

It may not always work out that my child wants to be part of everything we are doing e.g.; making hummus… but I am now more aware to offer Elijah opportunities to enjoy these moments together.

Encouragement of the week:

Think of including your son or daughter in an activity that you would not usually include them in and see if they want to be involved. And if you get the chance to make the hummus dip I am sure you will enjoy every mouthful. It’s a yummy healthy snack!! (Beware it will go fast so I would suggest doubling the amount).

View Hummus Dip Recipe HERE


(Supplied by Get Fresh Produce Market Cotton Tree)

Have a great weekend!!

Love Melly x

Elijah enjoying the hummus dip

Elijah enjoying the hummus dip