I was sitting beside my son today cuddling and calming him after he became very unsettled and what seemed like he was in pain… I began to pray over him and thank God for Him. I was reminded to not take him for granted and I began to cry. I felt such an overwhelming feeling of love towards him and thanked God for his precious life and for entrusting him to us. I then started having thoughts of losing him as he was breathing a little funny at the time and I began thinking the worst. ‘What if I lose him’ the same thought that went through my mind when he stopped breathing on us at 8-days-old.

I was feeling two emotions – one of sadness if I was to lose him and one of gratitude for all the time I have had with him and how amazing he is. I quickly realised where my mind was heading,  so I began to pray again. I went and got my Bible and read Scriptures over Elijah to divert those thoughts and get my mind thinking clearly again. It’s crazy how quickly our minds can wonder off into such negativity.

As I was reading the Word and praying life over my son I felt God say something very profound… He said “Melly why don’t you start speaking the Word of God over Elijah as he goes to sleep/or once he is asleep, as he cannot read yet and it’s your responsibility to sow my words in his heart until he can do so himself”. He reminded me of the Scripture in Psalms 63:6 where it talks about meditating on His Word morning and night.

I used to read Elijah the Bible every morning when he was first born and then I became slack. However I really felt today that God was giving me a very special key in raising my son up to be a mighty man of God who knows and fears the Lord. I feel so blessed that He shared this with me. It does make sense, Elijah cannot read on his own just yet – but I can!!! I can impart Gods words to Him to bring life! I have the wonderful opportunity to invest into Him. I am going to endeavor to speak out Gods Words over his spirit and soul as much as I can.

“I believe there are power in words – Gods Word and that my son can have the mind of Christ even now at 2-years-old.”

Encouragement of the week: 
Speak the Word of God over your children with me this week and see what God will do.

Have a great week and would love to hear some testimony’s of what God does for you and your family by continuing to speak the Word of God into the atmospheres of your home!

Love Melly