Motherhood is AMAZING… but let’s be honest it does come with it’s challenges.  ‘Some days just end in tears’!!!!!

These past few weeks have been rough. My two boys have both been unwell with the colder nights approaching and we have had very little sleep!!!

My 2-year-old had an ear & chest infection & to add to the mix is potty training, teething (molars) & experiencing all the new things that come along with natural development & change in his world (testing boundaries, imagination/dreams, new brother). He has has been waking during the night running into us crying either with high temps or for reasons we are unsure of. My toddler has always self settled & has slept through from 4 months and so this has been a shock to the system.  Our 3-month-old also had a cough & cold & is still waking for feeds during the night.  My husband and I were averaging approx 3hrs sleep a night, if that.

Whilst my husband was at work I would often have both boys crying at the same time competing for my care and attention. I would find myself holding both kids at once and feeling exhausted and tired and somedays as soon as they were down for a nap I would end up on the couch in tears.

I often feel inadequate and unsure as to what is going on in their world. It can be really frustrating!!!! I want the best for my boys and want to know what’s bothering them so I can help, however sometimes it’s not that easy!

All I have is the strength in knowing that God is with me and that He will guide me as I seek Him! But in the noise of it all, I honestly do struggle to hear His voice, but I am learning to listen amongst the chaos.

When I am dealing with things on my own it can be hard to see the positive things. I am so focused on the issue at hand. And to be completely honest I have lost it on a number of occasions. So I have to remind myself that my situation is not as bad as some others (parents with kids in hospital or parents with more children then us etc) which helps put things into perspective.

I am also learning to ponder on things that are good & lovely – even when its a challenging day (like my amazing husband & that we all have breath in our lungs and are not suffering any major illness etc) there is truly so much to be thankful for!!!!! This shift in thinking definitely helps me see my situation more manageable when it all gets too much!!!

Also I thank God for moments of relief, when my 3-month-old begins giggling and chatting baby talk or when my toddler turns on the heater because I said I felt cold. Sometimes as mums we just need those moments to encourage us and spur us on!!  And of course a moment with God sharing my heart and having a cry is the best encouragement of all. (And a piece of dark chocolate haha) but that’s another blog in itself.

Encouragement of the week:
We can do this! God will grace us for the job of motherhood no matter how tough our days become. It’s ok to have a cry and your not alone!!!! Build a support network: I have a close friend who I can be honest with and ask advice from. It helps me to know I am not alone & helps me put things Into perspective.

I pray that whatever situation you find yourself in today, where you feel you cannot go on…. that God pours His joy and strength in your heart again!!!!

Love Melly x