I often wonder what makes some people stick out the faith.  I have seen so many kids grow up in Christian homes yet go completely off the rails in their teenage years. I understand teenagers want to test boundaries but I have always questioned what keeps a person in the house of God and living a life of purity. There are probably many reasons yet I am coming to realise that maybe part of the answer is – that they have formed a personal relationship with Jesus for themselves and have encountered His presence from a young age.

In saying this I realize one of my key roles as a mum is to model & teach my children to hunger after an authentic, lasting & personal relationship with Jesus. I believe then – all of the other things will flow from a heart that wants to please Him!! Obviously I still need to discipline and encourage Godly values however this is not my main focus.

Here are 5 ways that I believe I can teach my children how to have their own personal relationship with Christ:

  1. Spend time reading Gods Word to them & praying with them
  2. Spend time in Worship and the presence of God & telling them about Gods character
  3. Spend time talking about God & bringing the God equation into every situation eg – if they have a bad dream teach them to call upon Jesus to be with them – so they can feel his peace & presence for themselves
  4. Show Christ’s love to them & others. John 13:35 (this should create a healthy perspective of Gods view on them)
  5. Be authentic and open in the natural so they find it easy to be authentic and open in the spiritual

I am not saying this is the magic formula for trouble free teenagers or that my kids won’t ever challenge their faith but these are just a few things I have taken from my own childhood experience and from what I have seen over the years.

I am sure there are those even reading this that feel parents should not sway their children or make them believe in any particular religion and that children should have the right to decide for themselves – I actually agree!!  If we truly believe there is a God out there bigger then us and we are living a life that our kids would also want to follow then we do not have to force them to believe – they will just believe. However I do think its important to give them an opportunity to learn and guide them.

If we train a child in the ways of God they will not depart from it. And its about them finding Jesus for themselves by our example and encouragement. What an amazing opportunity we have to impart the greatest gift to our children – one that lasts! The key to our eternity and hope for the future! JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

Encouragement of the week:

Every little bit of God that you show to your children will one day pay off!!!