Last weekend I went for a visit to Cairns to see my poppy (grandad) who is not doing so well. I was traveling with my daughter who is 9 -months-old.

The return flight was quite turbulent. I was stuck in the middle of the poor weather that hit last Sunday. With my legs secured to the floor, one arm holding onto the seat in front and the other one around my sleeping baby I could feel my legs starting to shake with a bit of fear.

I have always loved flying – well most of the time (I used to be a flight attendant) and had been in worse conditions then this but for some reason I was starting to feel anxious. (I think sometimes it’s because I have another life to take care of other then my own).

I started to think, “maybe I shouldn’t have taken this flight. I hope the Captain is not tired. I hope it’s the captain flying and not the first officer.” Agh! A million things went through my mind, (I know so dramatic right) thankfully I had some lovely people next to me that helped keep me distracted as we were chatting a lot.

I hid the fear quite well but under my breath I began praying that I would get back safely to my husband and two boys. And reminded myself – my time is not up and that God was with me.

It is not the first time fear has reared its ugly head. I could tell you multiple stories of when I have had to fight these feelings and get my mind into check. At one point in my life anxiety ruled my life (that was 7 years ago and another story in itself) but I totally beat it!!! That’s not to say that I won’t ever be in a situation where I have to put some brave on! Just like this instance on the flight…

I then looked down at my beautiful daughter who was sleeping through the whole thing and was completely at peace. It was at that moment – God gently whispered something to me. It went something like this…

“See how calm Mikaela is in your arms even during all this turbulence” – I replied “yes”

“You’re my daughter and if you remain in my arms, allowing me to hold you through the storms of life – the turbulence of life – you can also be this calm and at peace.”

Wow!!!! I put a big smile on my face and felt at such ease and my legs stopped shaking. I began thanking God for how amazing He is and for the beautiful revelation!

I will never forget this. I even took a photo of my daughter asleep in my arms to remind me that whatever battle I am facing in the journey of life that if I remain secure in Gods arms – I can keep a peaceful heart and mind knowing that He has got me and I don’t have to fear!

Encouragement of the week:

I pray that whatever your circumstance today that you can also be reminded that If you reach out to God and ask Him to hold you – He will and more then just hold you He will keep you in all peace!

Have a great weekend!

Love Melly