My morning…

Wake up, DRINK COFFEE or TEA, feed kids, get dressed, pack lunches and bags, try and find my son’s matching socks – oops they are dirty!!!  Oh well that will do – haha!!  This has become my new life. Yep, I’m a prep mum. No more staying in my PJ’s until midday. 🙁  No, we have to be out the door by 7:40am to beat the school rush and get a pram park right out front of school so I can easily cart three kids in and out of the car. The image on this blog depicts exactly what my school drop off and pick ups probably look like to the public. 🙂

I am actually really enjoying this new season, especially the beautiful friendships I am forming with other mums, however it definitely comes with its challenges. My three-year-old son who would also like to attend prep has been extra whingey lately (of course he has lost his best buddy – his big brother to play with during the day) and my youngest is not much a fan of being in the car. The first week I felt myself complaining about it all. The tantrums, the crazy rush in the mornings, the car parking situation, the school emails. But thankfully I quickly thought to myself,

‘these things may never change – but my perspective can’.

I reminded myself how grateful I should be that my son is able to attend a great school with a lovely teacher who cares about him and nice kids to learn with. It’s all worth it!!  The tantrums will pass as I give discipline, grace and distraction to my toddler and the early rush in the morning just means I need to be super organised. The getting to school early means I have time to sit with the kids and spend time with them in the air con. It also gives me the opportunity to talk to adults 🙂 while the kids burn energy in the school playground.  Everyday is not perfect but I feel,

‘As I focus on the positives – the negatives begin to fade’ 

I am also learning different techniques that work for us. Here is a list of ideas that I have been using for my ‘time in waiting’ for school drop off and pick up.

  1. Enjoy a morning devotional in the car and pray together
  2. Catch up on homework (eg; reading etc)
  3. Get to know your kids game – (ask the kids questions about their favourite things) they will go to school feeling loved and valued
  4. Take a tidy bag and pick up all the rubbish in the car while your baby, toddler or child has a snack or reads a book
  5. Pop the radio on and call up for competitions or sing a song together

Encouragement of the week:

Sometimes things feel hard – hang in there. Ask God to help you with ideas or strategies that will help in your situation and give you a greater perspective on things.

Have a great weekend!!!

Love Melly x