As a mum there is only so much I can do for my boys, when I find myself in situations that are out of my control. There have been a number of times when my son has woken crying with a fever or some type of illness.  Even after doing everything in the natural – it’s not always enough to settle him.  So I begin to pray out loud – It’s amazing the peace that comes to my heart and mind when I do this. I begin to feel hope and strength. Every time I have stepped out in this way – God has taken over and brought healing or peace to the situation.

Romans 8:26 says that in our weakness the Spirit utters prayers that we cannot… And that in itself puts hope in my heart. I believe there is power in prayer. I cannot do motherhood on my own,  I need the Spirit to lead me.

“I don’t know what I would do without prayer in my world –  it has been the thing that sustains me and brings relief to my heart in the moments that feel uncertain, hopeless & scary! I am so thankful I can cling to Christ and pray for help”.

Obviously I pray through the good times as well. But I have felt that in those hard moments of being a mum and where I can do nothing more, that prayer is the most powerful thing to change the atmosphere and makes room for God to be in control of the situation.

Encouragement of the week:
Don’t give up in the situations that seem out of control and hopeless – seek Christ and pray in your spiritual language so that He can take over and bring comfort, peace and relief to the situation!

Have the best week and remember you are not on your own. God is only one word away.

Love Melly x