I sometimes wonder how people live without Jesus Christ because I cannot get through each day without Him!

Just this week my eldest son who is two-years-old climbed into my 5-month-olds cot and untwisted his lamp shade and put the metal bolt in his hand or mouth. I was asleep at the time as the sun had only just risen and I was not aware that Elijah had gone into our babies room.

I woke up and turned to my husband and said where is Elijah? And then within seconds I heard Xavier screaming and then choking. My husband got to my son first who patted his back until the object lodged and I came running in. He was red in the face and very unsettled. He then started to cough up little bits of blood so I took him up to the hospital to be checked out! There were only minor cuts on his tonsils and he is fine. I thought to myself during the episode – what if God didn’t wake me?? I am just so thankful for the Holy Spirit who woke me at the right time and pressed on my heart that my son needed us. I then felt at peace that everything would be ok.

“God is my only hope. I cannot do this parenting journey without Him. I just want to make sure I am always tuned into Him and what He is saying”.

There are so many things that I need answers for and guidance in, so my continual prayer is to be attuned to His leading. I am still learning…

Encouragement of the week:

Ask God to give you discernment and wisdom throughout the day. I believe He can!

Have a great weekend.
Love Melly x