I have always known the importance of having mentors in my life. I figure why try and work out everything on my own when there are other men and women who have travelled a similar journey. I have multiple mentors, who regularly speak into my life.

I was meeting with one of my mentors this week who always reminds me to continue to enjoy the journey of parenthood. She said something to me that really made me think and put things into perspective.

To be honest – now that my kids are older I cannot recall the finer details of the hard times with my children – I can only remember the good times!’ (paraphrased) Gillian Stinson

This got me thinking again and I loved seeing it from a futuristic perspective – that even though there are very challenging days – to enjoy them anyway and give them as much love as I can!

I am so grateful for the nuggets of wisdom that my mentors share. I love that I can try their suggestions which majority of the time add extra value to our family!

Encouragement of the week:
There are plenty of people who would love to listen and help us along this parenthood journey. Why not ask someone to speak into your life! They may not have all the answers but most times it’s just nice to chat and know you are not alone. What are your thoughts? Please comment.

Have the best weekend

Love Melly xx