My connection with Facebook started a few years ago but only in small amounts as I was working full time and newly married …

We then had our son and I found myself looking at it more often and scrolling down each post as I sat feeding my baby. Sometimes I felt quite bored sitting there so I found myself on my phone as I was able to manage that whilst my baby slept and fed. I didn’t think much of it at the time but now I realize I could have been using my time more wisely. I could have been praying or just admiring my baby more often. (I am not saying I never looked at my baby or prayed as I did), however in those midnight hours I didn’t so much.

My baby is now 20 months and I still find myself looking through posts during the day when I get the chance. I see the notifications come up and check what’s there. But I do feel it has distracted me from doing what I should be doing or what’s most important to me. In some ways, Facebook has allowed me to become a worse listener to my husband and less productive in my day as a mum and wife…

Please hear me correctly, I am not saying that I dislike Facebook and I will continue to use it…as I believe it is a wonderful tool to stay in touch with people and make a positive influence on the world. But I feel for myself that I just need to be on it a little bit less!

So I am challenging myself to limit my daytime use of Facebook and have a Facebook Free Day. This is not a weird fanatic that I am asking others to follow – it’s just my personal choice so that I can become more productive.

I want to give more time to the things I love most – God, my family, writing and friends… When’s the last time I text someone to see how they truly are??? Instead of just reading a post on Facebook? These have been the questions filling my mind. I want to connect more with the people around me!!

Life is short and I want to make the most of it!!

I sometimes think what am I missing out on if I don’t check Facebook  as often as I have? But really what am I missing out on if I do?? By having a Facebook free day today I had the time to write this first blog!!

So Facebook... you do not have a hold on me anymore! 
You are my friend but not my addiction!

This is not for everyone – you probably have things well managed. I am not saying I am completely addicted – but I think it’s heading that way and I don’t want it to be the first thing I have to check as soon as I pick up my phone… I am going to strive to pay more attention to what’s really going on around me instead of having my head in my phone… To pray for a friend in need, or my baby in front of me, to text or call a friend or family member and see how they are. Social media can be a blessing but also a distraction – I want it to be a blessing!

Encouragement of the week:
  • Make a list of the things you have been wanting to do that you have been putting off. Eg; Making a photo album of your child’s progress or writing in his or her baby book.
  • Make a personal goal of your choice in limiting time on Facebook that will create more time to start working through your list.
  • Then begin…

Further reading:

Have a great week and remember we are all on a journey!!!

Love Melly  xx