After giving birth to our first child, I was so excited about making baby food once he was able to start solids. This excitement soon turned into a bit of frustration when I realised the baby food I was making was both time consuming and tough to get the correct consistency.

I remember thinking to myself 6 Apples peeled and cored and this is all that it makes? Eek!! It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I would cook most of it on the stove and find it hard to know how much water to put in and sometimes the apples would take so long to cook, burn or be to watery.

2nd child – I cannot even remember how I made baby food – I was definitely one sleep deprived mama. Ha!! Third time round – I tried holding off as long as I could so I didn’t have to start the process of failing in the baby food making department!! Anyone with me??? I can cook other things but really struggled with this one! 🙂

I was starting to think about making some baby food for my daughter who was showing signs of wanting to eat. Actually I was beginning to dread it. But then one day when I was putting away our rice cooker into the cupboard a brilliant idea came to me, (well I didn’t know it at the time but it ended up being one)!! I thought I wonder how a few cut up apples would go in the steamer section of the rice cooker and thought it was worth a try.

I cut up a few apples and placed them into the steamer with a little water in the bottom where the rice would usually go and turned it on. I checked it a few times and poked it with a fork to see when the apples were ready – it was so easy!!! It didn’t take long at all. I didn’t have to wait around a hot stove and check and stir – I took the apples out the cooker and pureed them with my bar mixer in a bowl and it came out perfect!!!! I mean like store bought perfect! Ha!! I giggled and thought to myself – I can’t believe how easy this is and after so many trials of cooking it on the stove. The consistency was perfect and it even had no added water. I am sure someone has probably already thought of this – but I hadn’t heard it before and was very excited.

I wanted to share this with you because I know how busy we get at as mums and we really don’t have time to be standing over a hot stove trying to perfect our baby food. And who really wants to spend all that money on store bought ones when we can simply make it at home for a fraction of the price and with such ease. I am never going back – and have been making baby food this way ever since!!!! :):)

Just a tip – if using other veggies like carrot and sweet potato – I found them a little thicker so I just portion into little containers and then each time I use one I add fresh breastmilk (however you could add boiled water).  I also look at the back of the Rafferty packs and copy the fruit and veg percentages. I won’t lie – I still use store purchased ones for trips out of the house!

You can also still make the baby food whilst cooking your rice for the night which makes it even easier however I do find that the bottom of rice cooker and bottom layer of rice is a little brown. So maybe a little extra water would help.

Encouragement of the week:

Don’t you just love finding little things to make your life easier – I hope you come across easier ways of doing things and enjoy possibly trying this idea.

Pureed Apple & Pear
2-3 green apples peeled and cut into small wedges
1 pear peeled and cut into small wedges
(Method: Place fruit into top steamer of rice cooker with about 1-2 cups of water in bottom of slow cooker and turn it on. When soft to touch with a fork pull the pieces out and puree with bar mixer or the like)
Yummy baby food ready to eat for the little ones!! Yay!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Love Melly