I remember as a teenager, having so many ideas and dreams that I was desperate to fulfill!!! Back then – there was no stopping me. I felt called and I was excited about what God was going to do with my life. I had such a sense of purpose & felt there were no limitations. I did many things after I completed high school ticking of a couple of boxes & accomplished quite a bit, however there was always one main dream lingering in my heart that I felt I would achieve in my early twenties. By the time I got to my thirties I thought this dream would never come to pass. I found myself asking a lot of questions & wondered where I went wrong.  I felt somewhat disappointed, yet God began to speak to me about my motives and how it would happen in His timing & that he needed to build my character before he released me. I can think of nothing more character building then motherhood! 🙂

I also came to the realisation that…

It’s not about the destination – it’s about the journey!                   It’s not so much about the dream itself anymore – it’s about the day to day moments that count!

I felt a sense of contentment with this knowledge and I really began enjoying the journey a lot more!!! Over time God has reaffirmed that particular dream and given me new ones. I know it will one day come to pass but for now I feel happy in knowing that I am in the exact place God wants me to be right now.

I love being a mum and a wife but I also know I am called for more. Honest Mummy, another small idea has not been something I have been able to pursue all of the time. There are moments where it has been put on hold so that I can just get through the day to day dealings of being a mum. (There are many days I feel tired & inundated with washing). But that sits ok with me. I figure I only have a window of opportunity to invest into my kids before they are not in my care full-time and they start school.

I love though that I have been able to give something a go despite feelings of inadequacy or fear of offending someone. I don’t want to let complacency creep in, I have to follow God’s will for my life and even if challenges come I can’t let them stop me! I love motherhood but I love that I can have a little project on the side that rejuvenates me and gives out to others!

Encouragement of the Week:

Is there something you have wanted to start but haven’t yet? May I encourage you – take a step of faith and try it!!! You never know it might just be a success!!   Maybe its not the right season yet but don’t give up – it might be just around the corner!! But if you feel it is the time – GO FOR IT!!!! You were created to do something great for God!!!!