Most days I find myself repeating the same events: cooking, washing clothes, changing nappies, feeding, dressing & bathing my boys, story time, park play, lots of cuddles, cleaning & more cleaning. 🙂 The list goes on!! My days are pretty full, that’s for sure.

I remember when I was single with no-one to take care of and I was able to spend so much time in the presence of God & reading the Bible. To be honest I have found it so hard to include this in my new season of life, with kids. But the more time that goes by, I am totally convinced that, this is what I need most and that I need to make time for it. It may not look the same or be as lengthy as it was before I had children however God is continually tugging my heart to be near Him & include Him in my day! In His presence is fullness of Joy & strength for the weary (sometimes me)!

So most mornings I have been turning on some worship music and praying with my boys. Not out of a religious act but out of a heart that desires to be close to my creator. It’s been so cool to watch them over the passing days and weeks. The first few times – it lasted only a few seconds, however now we can usually enjoy it for up to 15-30 min as Elijah likes to join in and thank God for things and pray for people. Xavier gets so relaxed that he usually falls asleep on me. 🙂 Not every day looks like this but I continue to do it because I know God is calling me to be closer to him and to train my children up in His ways.

‘God time’ now, certainly looks A LOT different then when I was single, however this does not bother me anymore – because God looks at my heart and its not about trying to impress with words or lengthy time but its about doing life with Christ. He has been encouraging me that even though He loves quality time – He wants me to include Him in every part of my day – even the washing, cooking etc. So I am learning to pray more often and talk to God throughout the whole day. My love for His Word has also grown – and instead of checking Facebook all the time – I am reading more of the Bible and loving it!! I am not trying to brag here – in actual fact I am trying to expose my weaknesses so that it will encourage others.

“Its amazing  how I thought to myself  I didn’t have time – yet it wasn’t lack of time stopping me – it was that my  my priorities were disordered”.

I now realise that ‘where my priorities lie – will be where I spend most of my time’. I have had to shift a few things, but I am so thankful I have. I do have to constantly remind myself that it is important because everyday things try to get my attention and steer me away from keeping it a priority.

The thing is material possessions and works will one day pass away but the relationships I have built with Christ and others will remain.

I love that I can include my boys in this part of my life and I want it to remain a high priority, because I cannot live without Christ. I cannot do this journey of motherhood or any other season for that matter without Him guiding me.

Encouragement of the week:

Everyone walks a different journey with this – so it may look a little different than mine, but God longs to be near us – so I encourage you, whatever that looks like for you – may you draw closer to the God who loves you and wants the very best for you.

Have the best week.

Love Melly x